24-7 F&B eStore Basic

Online ordering for restaurant / cafe / food business  – Selling food online is as easy and cost effective as selling from your physical shop because this is how the way business is conducted nowadays. Why pay 35% to the food delivery company which cuts into your profits and steal your customers, you can own a branded online ordering for restaurant software with very minimal setup and maintenance cost.

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Powerful Sales Features

online ordering for restaurant sales features
Powerful Sales Features

sell food online 24-7

No need to worry about not getting orders, this online ordering system will accept all orders online whenever or wherever you are!

Discount Program

Don't let Food Ordering App steal your customers, you get to retain and retarget your existing customers by using our discount program.


Our online ordering for restaurant system features are very powerful and user-friendly customer interface. We have everything you need to manage your customers with ease.

Direct marketing on social media

You can link your product page directly to Facebook when you created a new product in your online store and start marketing right away by boosting post from Facebook.

Take orders from all directions

You can accept orders from your Mobile Phone, Google Map, Facebook Page, WhatsApp. In fact, selling online using this online ordering for restaurant system is the best way to go.

Accept payment instantly

No need to worry about payment, in fact, you get instant payment from your customer as soon as orders are placed on online ordering for restaurant system


Create your own custom online ordering for restaurant system and connected to your own sub-domain name and comes with SSL certificate.

Live chat with your customers

Connect with your customers with facebook messenger or whatsapp so you will not missed out any potential customers when you use online ordering for restaurant system.

Powerful Back Office Management

online ordering for restaurant admin app


Easily manage your settings, menus, orders and reservations online through the admin dashboard from our online ordering for restaurant system. Create 2 staff accounts with restricted access.

flexible hardware solutions

No need additional hardware or choose your preferred hardware, you can sell from your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Take orders online 247 when you use our online ordering for restaurant.

Connect your shop to facebook & Instagram

You can set to sell directly from your mobile app and have it linked to your Facebook & Instagram to get more customers

Instant Order Notification

You will be notified by email and order notification upon new orders coming into this system. You can view your orders from the convenience at your back office app from your mobile phone.


Our menu features are very powerful, you can customized your menu down to every details. You can set different menu for different timing, pre-order menu is also available.

Orders & Sales reporting

Find out the details of your daily orders, visitors and sales from your mobile app. You can also process your orders from your mobile app when using our online ordering for restaurant.

Flexible Delivery & Payment Features

online ordering for restaurant - Payment gateway

Flexible Delivery Setting

You can set the delivery based on drawing zoning on the area that you wish to deliver or based on postcode.

Automatic calculation of delivery fee

Your delivery fee will be auto calculated based on the postcode of your customer's address.

Built in Payment Gateway

Our system comes with built in payment gateway which accepts e-wallets, credit card & bank transfer. No need to pay extra for payment gateway setup.

Flexible Payment Settings

You can set various mode of payment on the system. You ca use your own payment terminal for dine in transactions.

Our clients say

This is the best Online Ordering for my fruits business. My business has grown much with their discount program. Highly recommended!
Bright Idea Solutions provides very good customer support and their online ordering for restaurant system is very user-friendly and powerful.
Definitely no regrets to use this online ordering for restaurant system. It saves me lots of manpower and my sales has increased by 100% since launching.
I have used this online ordering for restaurant system for 2 months and this definitely saves me times and effort to manage my food business.