eBusiness Card for Restaurants and Cafes

Having an eBusiness Card allows you to promote your online business more effectively. Connecting your customers and your business in the online world.

With this eBusiness Card, your customers can place order from Facebook Page, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Chat, WhatsApp Autoreply, Instagram, Google Map or email you send out. It can be anywhere.

Of course, there are a lot of manual interaction between your business and customers before a sales is closed. Unless you are willing to invest in a few of our services such as ePOS, Food Ordering System, eCommerce Store or Online Accounting System.

Your eBusiness Card comes with a lot of functions:

– Order Button
– PDF Menu
– Set to Home Screen (for repeat orders)
– Instant Call / WhatsApp / FB Messenger / to place order
– Add into phone contacts
– Showcase video of your products or services.
– Add social channels such as Youtube, FB Page, Instagram, TikTok and etc.
– Easy to share friend by WhatsApp / Facebook / Email / Twitter / URL Link

Make use of our eBusiness Card to promote your products / food menu and take order. Once a customer send you a request from WhatsApp, the customer can receive the eBusiness and eMenu through auto reply. Once receive the reply from WhatsApp, the customer can click on your restaurant’s online food menu in PDF format to place order from their phone.