Food Ordering for Business

Depending on your regular customers that come to your restaurant during tough times will only see your business going no where. By using food ordering online, you are able to capture new business market that you can;t or unable. Your restaurant will be able to reach new market with our system.

Food Ordering for Working People

With the online food ordering system, working people around your area can ordering your food and get it delivered to their office for lunch. So they may not waste time looking for food. Normally such order are for a few people in the office and it is worth to deliver it to them. They do not mind paying for delivery fee cos if they go out for lunch, they also need to pay for parking or drinks.

Food Ordering for Other Businesses (Hotels / BnB / Homestays / Coffee Shops / Food Courts)

With the Covid 19 pandemic, all industries are severely affected especially the hotels and homestay industry. In order to reduce staff cost, hotels can outsource the breakfast services to the nearby restaurants or coffee shops. By using our online food ordering system, you can tap into these potential customers which is a win win situation for both.

Food Ordering for Birthday Parties / Full Moon / Celebrations

Organising Birthday or life events parties could be tiring and time consuming for the organizer. Your restaurant can tap into this market by creating online food menu for parties, customer can just place order online from your online food menu and you deliver to them on the event day.

Food Ordering for Business Events or Functions

Corporate functions or events required a good restaurant to supply good food at reasonable price. With our online food menu system, you can also tap into this market as ordering can be done online without physical visit to your restaurant.

Food Ordering for Festive Seasons – Hari Raya, Christmas, New Year or Chinese New Year

With ready online food menu system, you can reach out to more customers during festivities as customers wants fast and efficient food service to meet their busy lifestyle. By creating online promotional food menu, customers retention rate will be higher as they will prefer to visit the restaurants that is efficient.

Special Need Food Market

There is now a high demand for special need food such as Low Carb Food, Keto Diet. You can expand your food business by offering the special need food and offer delivery service for your customers. By expanding your customer base, you can easily turnaround your food business into a highly profitable business.FacebookWhatsAppFacebook MessengerViber