Fuyun Friends Referral Program

FuYun Fresh Mart Referral Program allows customers to be rewarded by referring more people to buy from FuYun Fresh Mart. In return, a member is rewarded with fruits that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Do you want to get free fruits for life? How is this possible?

If you have 500 friends on your Facebook, just imagine that you have invited 100 friends to use our discount code, you will get RM500 worth of credit in your member’s account and so forth. Just use these simple steps below to Share, Invite, Tag and Like.

Viral Referral Power:

Share to Friends

You have 500 friends, if your post is shared to these 500 friends. If they all have 500 friends, you post exposure is 500 friends x 500 friends = 250,000 reach. Just assumed that only 10% (25,000 views) will view the post and 1% take action (2,500 reacted).  It may mean that effectively you may have earned RM12,500 in your account. 

Share to Groups

Normally groups have a lot of members. Some exceed 100,000 members. So you need to join groups that are based on your targeted markets. Based on interest, location, languages, people. Let’s assume that you have joined 20 groups with 50,000 members or more. It means that your post can be shared to potentially 1 million viewers (20×50,000 members). Realistically if only 0.1% get to view and take action on your post. This also means 1,000 referrals. Also means that your referral bonus can be RM5,000.

Just a few simple steps to post and share:

Step 1: Post on your FB page

Please copy and paste the wordings and pictures below and post on your FB page:

“Want to eat fresh fruits that delivered straight to your house and get discount of  RM5 immediately?Just use this promo code “XXXX” and you can get a RM5 discount immediately! Please Go to this website: https://myfreshmart.biz/ to place an order  and remember to fill in the discount code upon checkout! Its just so simple!

Step 2: Share to Friends:

  1. Share to your friends’ facebook timeline or page. You may have a few hundred friends on facebook.

Step 3: Share to Groups:

  1. Join groups that are related to Melaka, Food and Delivery. These are the targeted customers of Fu Yun Fresh Mart. Cos they can only deliver to Melaka area. 
  2. Share the post that you have created with your discount code on it to these groups of interests that you have joined. Pls take note that approval of groups may take days. 

Step 4: Share to WhatsApp Contacts:

You can also share to all your friends in your contact list.

Step 5: Tag Friends

More friends who use your discount code on our website, you will get more referral money in your account.

Step 6: Invite friends to like Fuyun Fresh Mart:(refer below)

Go to Fu Yun Fresh Mart facebook page: 


Click on “…” then select “Invite Friends”. Select as many friends as you want. The more you invite the more chances you will get them to like the page and order with your discount code. Give them your discount code after they like the page.

Invite Friends

How to share to Groups:

How to Use the CollectedReferral commission:

The collected referral commission will be credited at the end of the month and sent to you by email on the 15th of the next month (we will collect all orders from the system using your discount code)

For example: if you have 100 people using your discount code before the 30th of each month, you will get a referral commission of RM100 x 5 = RM500 that month, and the referral commission of RM500 will be converted into a gift card.

  1. You can use the amount in your gift card to buy fruit on the website.
  2. After the checkout, if there is a new referral, it will be put into your gift card next month
  3. Your gift card will be automatically deducted for every purchase, and your balance will be notified.
  4. The gift card is valid for 2 years.