Gkash Business App – E-wallets Payment

Gkash Business App enable all businesses to collect E-wallets payment from your customers by using one single Mobile App from the convenience of your mobile phone.

  • Setup fee is included.
  • Yearly fee of RM120
  • For Yearly Transaction above RM100,000, the RM120 annual fee will be waived on the second year

We offer attractive MDR rates for all E-wallets:

  • Gkash Ewallets 1%
  • Boost 1%
  • Touch N Go 1%
  • GrabPay 1%
  • MAE (Maybank) 1%
  • Shopee Pay 1.2%
  • Wechat Pay (MY) 1.5%
  • Wechat Pay (CN) 1.5%
  • Alipay CN 1.2%

Why do you need to use Gkash Business App?

  1. Unified all E-wallets payment into one account
  2. Minimise cash transaction, fraud, cash mis-managment
  3. Reduce business loss as customer may enter the wrong amount if you allowed customer to scan your QR code for payment

Documents Requirement for Application:

  1. SSM / Business License documents
  2. Owners’ IC
  3. Photo of business premise (Shop front)
  4. Bank Statement (First page only)

Settlement Timing: T + 2 business day

Easy application and fast approval!

RM170 Yearly