Hotel Food Ordering System

What is Hotel Food Ordering System?

As an owner of the hotel, you are not only selling rooms but also services, why not offer convenience to your customers by offering value-added room services for your customers.

Applicable Scenarios:

  1. Imagine your customers are taking a break in their rooms and they are too tired to dine out. They can just scan the QR menu located in their rooms, order food online, and have the food delivered to their rooms right away.
  2. Imagine your customers are relaxing by the pools of your hotels, they would like something nice to eat/drink, they can just scan the QR menu located by the poolside table, order their favorite food and drinks and have it delivered straight to them by the pool.
  3. Imagine your customers are rushing to check out from their hotel rooms, they would like a fast and efficient way to checkout. They can just scan the QR on the bedside table, filled up the details, and checked out right away instead of queuing up at the reception area.

The main service available in our hotel food ordering system can be used for dine-in, delivery to rooms (room service), and hotel checkout services.

How it works:

  • We will build the complete restaurant menu into our food ordering system that will be linked to each hotel room.
  • Specific QR code will be provided for each hotel room whereby customers can scan QR and place orders for their room service
  • Once the order is placed, your restaurant’s kitchen will receive a copy of the order printout directly from the kitchen printer
  • The orders will indicate the room numbers so that your waiter can have them delivered directly to the customer’s hotel room.
  • Payment can be made directly upon placing orders so that this can minimize the accounting works upon checkout.

Advantage of Hotel Food Ordering System:

  • Enhance customers’ experience: Customers will prefer convenience over cost, if they are able to dine in the comfort of their room, they are willing to spend more and feel happy while staying at your hotel
  • Save cost by reducing printing of food menu as well as labor cost. You can save operation costs by reducing labor costs by taking orders manually, your customer can now order online without calling the restaurants.

Hotel Food Ordering System Packages:
Hotel Food Ordering Package:

  • Setup of Food Ordering Website for Hotels
  • Domain Name(.com), Hosting & SSL certificates included
  • Basic Website design with landing page
  • Full menu setup for all restaurants/cafes at the Hotel
  • Own branded QR code design
  • Setup of QR ordering for each hotel room (Unique QR code)
  • Payment gateway setup for all e-wallets (from 0.8%) & FPX (from RM1.50)
  • E-business card with discount code features

Standard Recommended Hardware for Hotel Owners:

  • Sunmi V2 – Printer, Take Orders, Payment, Offline Stall POS System – RM850 each
  • It is recommended to purchase 2 units of Sunmi V2 for the beverages and food order printout

Optional Add-on for Hotel Food Ordering System Package:

  • Pay as You Go Package available from 10-15% of transaction fees
  • Dine-in & Delivery Option for Restaurants
  • On-site installation & training