How It Works – Ordering

See how simple it is to setup your online ordering system and start accepting orders today.

Step 1 : Visit Store

Your customers can visit your store at our sub-domain or your own custom domain name which includes a free SSL certificate.

Step 2: Choose Order Type

Customers can select their order type from pickup, delivery, dine-in or reservation. Then a due date is set. You can disable any of these order types if needed.

Step 3: Add Food Order To Cart

Your customer can select a dish to customize it based on the options available. Select the quantity and add a note if needed. Then add it to the cart.

Step 4: Review Cart

Customers can review the items added to the cart. Easily edit or remove them if needed. Finally add a promo code if available.

Step 5: Place Order

Your customer can enter their details, select their payment method and then place the order.

Step 6: Real-Time Receipt

Customers receive a unique order URL and receipt. This includes an order status and estimated wait time which can be updated in real-time.

Step 7: Manage Orders

Easily manage orders through the order management interface. Update order statuses and estimated wait times. Print out order receipts.