Online Food Ordering System – Features Overview

Looking for ways to expand your existing restaurant business?  We can help you set up your online food business with One System To Ruled Them All.

We have everything you need to start, manage and you to jumpstart your online food Features:

Your Own Website

Create your own custom online ordering website connected to your own domain name. Includes a free SSL certificate for security. More Info!

Landing Page

Generate a unique business landing page that can either be used as your main website or a store locator page

Orders Management

We provide a streamlined restaurant’s digital requirements into one easy-to-use system. With one platform, you can accept and manage every type of online order. More info!

iOS & Android Apps

Get your own custom branded mobile application on the iOS and Android app store for a flat fee. Great way to build your brand

Admin Dashboard

Easily manage your settings, menus, orders and reservations online through the admin dashboard. Create staff accounts with restricted access. More info!


Built to be used worldwide. All your currencies, dates and times are formatted in the most recognizable way for your local customers

Food Menu Creation

Our menu features are very powerful, you can customized your menu down to every details. More info!


Our online ordering interface is available in several different languages that can easily be chosen by your customer

User-friendly Customer Interface

Our customer features are very powerful and user-friendly. We have everything you need to manage your customers with ease. More info!

Multiple & Compounding Taxes

Configure any number of taxes to be applied to your prices either inclusive or exclusive of tax. Taxes can also be compounding


Connect your system to a variety of 3rd party services such as social platforms, delivery company to enhance and extend your system. More Info!

Low Prices

We don’t believe high prices. There are no hidden fees and you can cancel your account online at any time

Online Payments

Streamlining all payment methods into one single account which accepts credit card, online bank transfer and e-wallets. Worry no more about cash transactions. More info!

BYO Hardware

Use any hardware, tablets, PCs or printers without issues. We recommend a Windows tablet or PC for printing compatibility

First Class Support

We prioritise customer support over sales. Get in touch with us easily with less than 12 hour response times, 7 days a week

Cloud Kitchen

Why spent tons of money to open a restaurant while you can open one fully online. Our solutions enable you to open your own online restaurants at very low cost with full features of a physical restaurants.