Online Food Ordering System – Price Comparison

FeaturesPlatinum PackageGold Package
Setup FeeRM499RM499*
POS SystemIncludedIncluded
4 in 1 Orders:
Dine In, Table Bookings, Takeaway & Delivery
Online Food Menu50 Items50 Items
Contactless Menu, Contactless Order, Contactless Payment, Contactless Receipt50 Items50 Items
Website50 Items50 Items
Contactless Business Card (Showcase Your Restaurant)IncludedIncluded
QR Code with Stand11
Customer Loyalty ProgramOptionalOptional
Minimum Monthly CommitmentRM200RM100
Monthly Transaction Fee for Dine-in, Pickup & Table BookingRM200-375 / 0.5-1%(whichever is higher)RM100 / 1% (whichever is higher)
Monthly Transaction Fee for Delivery2% on Delivery Transactions2% on Delivery Transactions
Suitable for Restaurant's Turnover RM50,000 and moreBelow RM50,000

*The setup fee can be paid by instalments.