QR Menu for Cafes / Restaurants – Basic

QR Menu For Restaurant, Cafe, Food Truck, Food Stall, Kopitiam, Frozen Food Stalls, Grocery and etc.

QR Menu for Cafes or Restaurants – Basic

Are you looking for QR Menu for your restaurants/cafes? We have the QR menu system for you to accept dine-in orders via QR Code. We will also design your own branded QR code, website with the food menu, and e-wallets payment (optional add-on).

How does it work?

We will build a website (sub-domain) with your food menu (option to set up) so your customer can scan QR codes at your restaurant and directly order their favorite food online. Here are the steps:

  1. Customer Scan QR Code for Menu
  2. Customer choose their table
  3. Customer select their favorite food items
  4. Customers can pay at the counter or online via e-wallets (add-on option)
  5. You will receive customer orders by using our back office Mobile App & email
  6. You prepare & serve food for customer

This QR menu can be operated on any hardware, you can use your mobile phone/tablet / PC to check and process orders. Please note this QR Menu does not have an order printout function, if you need an order printout, please check out our advance QR menu in the related products below.


What is included in the QR code ordering system?

  • The license fee for 1 year
  • Website sub-domain name

What are the additional Add-on Options?

  • Food menu setup (30 items) RM200
  • Own Branded QR Code Design (soft copy) RM50
  • Independent Lifetime POS system RM300
  • A video tutorial guide will be provided after go-live
  • Additional Food Menu 40 items RM200
  • E-wallets & FPX Automated Checkout RM100
  • QR Code Printout (A7 size x 24 pcs) RM100
  • Landing Page Design RM150
  • Own Domain Name Registration with SSL Certificate RM200
  • Facebook Business Page Setup RM200
  • Google Business Page Setup RM300
  • Basic Discount Program Setup RM100
  • Unlimited Data with Wifi Router RM99 per month from Simply Network

Which F&B outlets are suitable to use this QR Menu?

Our Basic QR Menu can be used for all F&B Outlets including:

  • Restaurants / Cafes
  • Food Trucks
  • Food Stalls
  • Kopitiam
  • Groceries Shop
  • Bakeries Shop

Estimated Set-up Cost for new Restaurant / Cafe:

Software Set-up cost:

  • License Fee, Hosting & Website Setup: RM499 (renew yearly)
  • Menu Setup: RM200
  • QR Design (Soft copy): RM50

Total to be estimated at around RM749 without hardware

You may WhatsApp us directly for more advice and consultations


Benefits of adopting QR Ordering

  1. Less Dependence on Manpower:
    • The labor cost in Malaysia is getting higher with the minimum wage requirement, with QR ordering, you allow customers to self-order through their phones by scanning a QR code. This reduces the dependence on manpower to take orders from customers manually.
  2. Improve Order-Taking Efficiency
    • Traditionally, your customers need to wait for your waiters to come and take their orders which may not be efficient as your waiter may not have time and may assume it wrongly. QR ordering is fully automated which will improve your operational efficiency and reduce the customers’ waiting time thus making your customers happier.
  3. Bridge Language Gap
    • You can build your QR menu in multi-lingual so that it can cater to bigger customers base from various backgrounds which is much better than hiring staff who needs to master a few languages which may be costly for your operations.
  4. Better Table Turnover Rates
    • The success of any restaurant is dependent on your table turnover rate. With our QR menu, you can increase your table turnover rate since customers can place orders immediately when they are seated at the tables. Your restaurant will get more customers and higher turnover in return.
  5. Allow Staff to Focus on Better Food & Service Quality
    • In addition, to improve operation efficiency, the QR menu lets your ordering process goes on auto pilot thus allowing your waiter to focus on delivering high-quality service instead of doing other work.



OptionFood Menu Setup (30 Items) (+RM200.00)
QR Design (Soft copy) (+RM50.00)
Independent Lifetime POS System (+RM300.00)
Additional Food Menu (30 Items) (+RM200.00)
Automated Payment with E-wallets & FPX (+RM100.00)
Landing Page (+RM200.00)QR Code Printout – A7 x 24 pcs (+RM100.00)
Basic Discount Program (+RM100.00)
Unlimited Data with Wifi Router RM99/month (Simply Network) (+RM99.00)
Own Domain Name + SSL Certificate (.com) (+RM200.00)
Delivery & Pickup Setup (+RM500.00)
Facebook Business Page Setup (+RM200.00)
Google Business Page Setup (+RM300.00)
Additional Outlet (+RM300.00)