QR Menu for Kopitiam / Cafe – Premium

Are you looking for a QR menu ordering system for your kopitiam / cafe? We have the perfect F&B ordering solution for you to accept dine-in orders via QR Code. We will design for you the QR code, website with food menu with e-wallets payment (optional add-on).

How does it work?

We will build a website (sub-domain) with your food menu (option to set up), so your customer can scan QR codes at your restaurant and directly order their favorite food online. Here are the steps:

  1. Customer Scan QR Code for Menu
  2. Customer choose their table
  3. Customer choose their favorite food items
  4. Customers can pay online via e-wallets (add-on option)
  5. You will receive customer orders by email and website login (option to print out with hardware bundle)
  6. You prepare & serve food for customer

    What is included in the QR code ordering system?
  • The license fee for 1 year
  • Website sub-domain name
  • Website hosting & Setup


What are the additional Add-on Options?

  • Food Menu Setup for 50 items RM300
  • E-wallets & FPX Automated Checkout RM300
  • QR Code Design RM100
  • General Table QR Code Printout (A7 size x 24 pcs) RM100
  • Specific Table QR Code Printout (A7 size x 24 pcs) RM240 (This QR code is unique for each table and will auto display the table number upon customer scanning QR code on each table)
  • Own Domain Name Registration with SSL Certificate RM200
  • Facebook Login Setup RM100 (This setup will enable customers to log in via Facebook account without any registration)
  • Special Timing Menu Setup RM300 (This setup allows your restaurant to display a specific food menu at different timing)
  • Printer Setup RM300: If you have your own pos thermal printer, we can try to set up the printer for you but it will depend on your printer compatibility with our software. I
  • Hardware Options: You can get our thermal printer from RM150 to RM850 depending on your requirements

Estimated Set-up Cost for new Kopitiam / Cafe:

Software Set-up cost: from RM1500 – 2200 (renewable yearly)

  • License Fee, Hosting & Website Setup: RM1500
  • Menu Setup: RM300
  • Payment Gateway Setup RM300
  • QR Code Design RM100

Hardware Set-up cost: from RM950 – RM2499 (one time only)

The total estimated set-up cost for a new Kopitiam / Cafe starts from RM2450 onwards.

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