Reseller Program with Free Investment Return

24-7 Reseller Program – Food Ordering System/ QR Menu

24-7 Reseller Program is the best way to tap into the new market without too much investment. Are you a professional sales personnel but have no idea what to sell? Are you looking for a product/service that can help you increase your passive income? Are you looking for business expansion but have no idea where to look for good services/product lines? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then you are in the right place!

Bright Idea Solutions offers a wide range of contactless technology that can transform any brick-and-mortar business into an online business. We have the right solutions and tools to help our clients succeed in this online market. Whether you are in the F&B, Retail or Wholesale business, we have the digital solutions that can help go online within 5-7 days! 

Our reseller program is very different from other reseller programs, we do not only give out commission but we help you to grow commission into an investment with a handsome return.

How does it work?

First of all, you need to understand how our business model works. We are helping our customer to own a free food ordering system with very minimal cost and they can grow their investment into a good asset within the foreseeable future. Please go through the details in our Own a Free Food ordering QR menu page here.

24-7 reseller program

How do you earn your commission through our reseller program?

When you sell our QR menu, you not only get paid in cash but also in the investment of crypto which is highly potential investment for your future. Please refer to the table below for the commission payout illustrations:

Number of CustomersCommission EarnCash Payout UnfrontTotal Payout after 2 years
10.03 BTCUSD1000.03 BTC deduct USD300 
100.30 BTCUSD1,0000.3 BTC deduct USD3000 
200.60 BTCUSD2,0000.6 BTC deduct USD3000 
501.50 BTCUSD5,0001.5 BTC deduct USD5,000 
Reseller Commission
Crypto CurrencyCurrent Market ValuePotential Market Value after 2 yearsPotential All-Time-High Market Value 
Potential Investment Return of your commission

Frequently asked questions

What is the requirement to be a 24-7 Reseller?

The minimum requirement you need is to be tech-savvy and have the ability to learn new technology with some basic training. 

What is an Online Food Ordering System/ QR Menu?

An online food ordering system allows restaurant businesses to accept and manage orders placed online. It is basically your own food website that lets hungry customers to view your restaurant’s food menu and place an online order.

What type of services does Bright Idea Solutions offered?

We offer a wide range of digital solutions for all industries including online food ordering systems. Our goal is to help customers go digital with little investment and effort required.

How much do I get as a reseller commission?

We offer very attractive reseller commissions ranging from USD300 onwards with an investment program for your future assets.

When will I get paid for my reseller commission?

For every successful referral, we will pay the reseller commission to the reseller bank account on the 15th day of the preceding month upon successful collection of the payment from the customer.

Still, have more questions about the 24-7 Reseller Program? Contact us here!

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