Reseller Sales Kits – Sunmi V2 Pos System

  • 24-7 reseller program

Welcome to Bright Idea Solutions! As a reseller for our Sunmi V2 Pos system, please kindly follow the follow guidelines when approaching the potential customers:

Sunmi V2 Pos System
Sunmi V2 Pos System

Step 1: Joining Facebook Business Group

One way to do online marketing is joining various business groups such as:


– Restaurant Owners

– Kitchen Supplies

– Food Court Owners

– Food Truck Owners


Please look for group that has a lot of members so that you get more chances to have your posting viewed.


Step 2: Share to Facebook Groups

We will have our Sunmi V2 posting on our Facebook Page, you can copy the post and share to the various Facebook group using your personal FB page. You can do some modification on the content if necessary. 


Life Time Pos System

Step 3: Following Up Potential Customers

Once these customers are interested to know more about our POS system, you may proceed to send them the information kits as below.

Sales Deck for POS System – Sunmi V2

Please refer to our website for more product details:

Sunmi V2 POS Terminal 

POS System for F&B Food Stalls

Step 4: Closing Sales

This will be the most important step of all. If you have identified the right customer, your customer may get back to you on many questions which you may or may not be able to answer them. You can get back to us on those questions or have it passed to us for further follow up.

Others Online Approach

You may also go online to look for potential customers such as Facebook Page, Google Map of Restaurant / Cafe. Here are some approaches guide:

1. Search on Facebook / Google Map to look for Restaurant/ Cafe 
2. Call them up to ask them about the survey form as below:
3. Once you have established a point of contact with them and get hold of the potential information, then you can approach them for our Pos system packages.