Reseller Sales Kits

24-7 reseller program

Welcome to Bright Idea Solutions! As a reseller for our food ordering system, please kindly follow the follow guidelines when approaching the potential customers:

Step 1: Potential Customers Screening

Kindly go through the screening for the potential customers using this form:  Checklist for Potential Businesses

You can identify the potential customers from the business listing in the worksheet and then refer to their Facebook Page for further checking.

Step 2: Contacting Potential Customers

Upon identifying the right customers, please follow up by a direct call and offer them our food ordering solutions in brief. 

For those who are interested, please asked them a few questions based on the Food Ordering Systems Survey Form

Step 3: Following Up Potential Customers

Once these customers are interested to know more about our food ordering system, you may proceed to send them the information kits as below.

Since we have 2 type of system for food ordering system, you may refer to the our website for the comparison of the 2 type of ordering system to get more understanding before you approach the customers. 


Step 4: Closing Sales

This will be the most important step of all. If you have identified the right customer, your customer may get back to you on many questions which you may or may not be able to answer them. You can get back to us on those questions or have it passed to us for further follow up. 

There are cases where customer may be qualified for MDEC Digital Grant with the following conditions:

If they met the above requirements, then you can askthem to submit the application using this MDEC application form.

Pay As You Go Package

There are instances where customers are not willing to pay for a full website due to cost concern. You can check if they meet our conditions for our Pay as You Go Package (PAYG). Here is the requirement for PAYG:

  • restaurant/cafe has at least 5k followers from the Facebook Page
 If they meet the above conditions, then you may advise us on the potential customers contact and follow up with the PAYG customers.