Smart QR Code Business Card

Never before a Business Card that will stick to a client’s smartphone. Providing all the latest updates and information to a client at real time.

Smart QR Code Business Card

one business card To Boost Up Your Business.

Optimized for Smartphones

Create a mobile-friendly website for your business or private use optimized for Smartphones in just a few simple steps. Provide your contact details as a digital business card and include your links to the most important social networks.

Designer QR Code

Your digital business card comes with a Designer QR Code that you can print on your business card. So your friends and business partners can easily add your contact data to their address book.

Always up-to-date

Did you move or did your mobile number change? Have you created a new Facebook page? No problem. You always have full control over your business data and you can edit anytime or add new contact information.

Add to contacts

With the function “Add to contacts” the business card can be added directly into the address book of the Smartphone.

Share it anywhere

Share your contact through your QR Code, push it to your social networks or send the contact as a vCard via email.

Navigate to Address

By clicking on the address in the mobile business card the map appliciaton of your Smartphone will open and navigate you to the location of the contact.

Social Networks

Link to your social profiles from your digital business card.

Call-to-Action Buttons

Predefined Call-to-action buttons enable your business partners to call you directly, contact you via email or leave a message on Skype.

Embed Multimedia

Store any multimedia content in your business card like YouTube videos, pictures or links to mixes on SoundCloud.

Built in App

Share your contact and asked your customer to download your contact as Mobile App. They can access your website or e-catalogue anywhere, anytime,.

Why Use Smart Business Card

Grow your business and stay ahead of your competitors


Dynamic QR Code

Generate a dynamic QR Code and link the code to any website. Change the target URL of a dynamich QR Code anytime without printing the QR Code again.


Scanning Analytics

When a QR Code is scanned you will get analytics about the number of unique visitors, total number of scans and detailed information about each request like scanning device, location and scan time.

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Export your Data

Export your statistics of all your QR Codes with the creation date, first & last scan date, the number of scans, the number of unique visitors.