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Importance of Customer Loyalty Program:

  • Customer loyalty is the most important factor to determine whether you can success in your online business
  • Customer Loyalty programs encourage customers to return to stores where they frequently make purchases.
  • You need to have attractive products to attract and retain a loyal group of customers that will come back to your store every time
  • Retain Existing Customers and Get Customers to refer friends
  • Customer loyalty program not only Boost Sales & build up your Brand Name
  • Without a customer loyalty program, you are basically running in the wild to look for new customers every single day
  • It saves you lots of marketing cost to get new customers when you can also retarget your existing customers with your own loyalty program

Why Use our Customer Loyalty Program?

  • Our food ordering system and ecommerce webstore are built in with our customer loyalty program, no need to go for a third party app
  • We have many types of customer loyalty program to suit your business needs
  • We will tailor made a suitable customer loyalty program that can guarantee you sales
  • Our Customer Loyalty Program help our customers get more than 1000 orders in the first month of operations!
  • Our Customer Loyalty Program is simple, cost effective to implement
  • We will follow up with your on further action if you cant get the sales you wanted
  • If you are serious in the business and wanted more sales, we have the right solutions for you!

Type of Customer Loyalty Program:

  1. New Customer
  2. Repeat Customer
  3. Prepaid Customer
  4. Membership Program
  5. Customer Referral Program
  6. Giveaway Lucky Draw
  7. Birthday voucher

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