Food Truck Business Solutions

Are you looking for a complete business solution for your food truck business?

We can provide one-stop solutions to all your needs for your food truck operations.

Option 1: Food Truck POS System from RM365 onwards

No need to spend thousands on a POS system, we offer you the pay once and use for a lifetime pos from RM365 onwards. This food truck POS system is good, cheap, and fast for your workers to place orders:

Estimated POS system Set-up Cost for a new food truck (Hardware & Software):

  • Sunmi V2 + POS system Setup: RM950 (one time)
  • Wifi Data Network: RM12/ month

Total to be estimated at around RM962 to adopt a new POS system for your food truck and some monthly data fee of RM12 if you need wifi/data connection.

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Option 2: Basic Food Truck QR Menu from RM499 onwards

You can save all the ordering workflow using our Basic QR menu for your food truck business. Minimise your worker, just ask your customer to scan, order and pay!

This QR menu can be operated on any hardware, you can use your mobile phone/tablet / PC to check and process orders. Please note this QR Menu does not have an order printout function, if you need an order printout, please check out our advance QR menu in the related products below.

Estimated QR Menu Set-up Cost for new food truck business:

  • License Fee, Hosting & Website Setup: RM499 (renew yearly)
  • Menu Setup: RM200
  • QR Design (Soft copy): RM50

Total to be estimated at around RM749 without hardware

Check out the Food Truck QR Menu details here!

Option 3: Premium Food Truck QR Menu from RM2850 onwards

You may consider the more advanced QR menu system so that the ordering process is fully automated, customers just need to scan, order and pay for pick up or delivery. Your customer can even pre-order without going to your food truck. Your workers just need to prepare food and serve the customers. This QR Menu comes with auto order printout which is easier to manage for your staff.

Estimated Premium Food Truck QR Menu Set-up cost for new food truck business:

Software Set-up cost:

  • License Fee, Hosting & Website Setup: RM1500 (renew yearly)
  • Menu Setup: RM300
  • QR Design (Soft copy): RM100
  • Integrated Payment Gateway: RM300
  • Sunmi V2 Thermal Printer: RM950

Total to be estimated at around RM3150

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