Sunmi V2 POS Setup Form

Kindly complete this form for us to complete your POS System Set Up. You may submit the form based on the available information, if you have outstanding information, you can follow up by email or WhatsApp later. Thank you!

请填写此表格,以便我们完成您的 POS 系统设置。您可以根据现有信息提交表格,如果您有未完成的信息,您可以稍后通过电子邮件 或 WhatsApp 跟进。谢谢!

Please fill up your order # for the POS system 请填写您POS系统的订单#
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Please select the preferred payment method for your Pos system. 请为您的 Pos 系统选择你需要付款方式。
Please select if you need these additional optional items for your website and we will provide you with a quote. 请选择您的网站是否需要这些额外的可选项目,我们将为您提供报价。