Virtual Kopitiam Franchise Program

What is Virtual Kopitiam Franchise Program?

You can now own a Virtual Kopitiam through our Franchise Program. Through this franchise program, we will be guiding you on how to operate an online Kopitiam business without getting permission from the Kopitiam owner.

As you know a Kopitiam is a coffee shop located in a residential or commercial area who are selling beverages as well as many food stalls.

A virtual Kopitiam is where you can sell all the food & beverages online by combining all stall owners’ food and make them all available via a single food ordering system.

Consumers can mix and match orders from different stalls, pay for them with a single transaction, and get all the food delivered at once.

Now you can sell the best food available to your neighborhood using our virtual Kopitiam ordering system.

The main service available for this Virtual Kopitiam will be for all other food stalls to sell online with Delivery and Pick Up / Takeaway.

How it works:

  • Firstly, you need to identify the actual Kopitiam whereby you would like to convert it into a virtual Kopitiam. You will be in full control of the whole virtual Kopitiam operation.
  • The virtual Kopitiam owner will take charge of the orders by directly markup from the food price from 5 – 10%
  • We will set up the food menu from all stalls in our food ordering system as per the category of food.
  • The virtual Kopitiam owner will be in full control of the virtual Kopitiam operation and will be the main person who will manage the orders.
  • When there are incoming orders from the customers, the virtual Kopitiam owner will directly buy the food items from the respective stall’s owner and get them delivered together.
  • The virtual Kopitiam owner will control all the payments by paying directly to each stall owner whenever there are new orders coming into the system

Advantage of Virtual Kopitiam Franchise Program:

  • Permissionless business ownership: As a virtual Kopitiam owner, you need not get permission to sell all the food & beverage available in the Kopitiam, you will have full control of the business online.
  • Technology & business skills provided: Our franchise program will include a step-by-step guide on how to run a Virtual Kopitiam to ensure it is successful.
  • You can start up a business with minimal capital investment: You can basically start operating a business with the minimal capital layout as all the software and hardware will be provided in this franchise program.

Virtual Kopitiam Franchise Fees Included:

  • Setup of a Virtual Kopitiam
  • Domain Name(.com), Hosting & SSL certificates included
  • Full Website design with landing page
  • Full menu setup (up to 30 stalls)
  • Own branded QR code design
  • Payment gateway setup for all e-wallets (from 1.5%) & FPX (from RM1.50)
  • Delivery integration with Lalamove
  • E-business card with discount code features
  • Marketing strategy (how to get sales)
  • On-site training & installation for 5 days
  • Hardware provided: 2 units of Sunmi V2 thermal printer

Sales Projections:

As a minimum estimate, you are able to get the following sales on a monthly basis based on our projections.

You shall be able to recoup your capital investment after 5 months period.

Marketing Strategy:

Virtual Kopitiam will be more focused on the existing customers since these will be the regulars who visited the Kopitiam. Therefore, our strategy will be as follows:

  • Place QR code for e-business card around the Kopitiam, get customers to scan the business card, and guide them to add it to their phone home screen. It is advisable to offer a discount code for first-time users to get customers to sign up.
  • Sign up for third-party delivery platforms such as Grabfood food to get customer data and later on convert them to the virtual Kopitiam using a discount code.

Subsequent Renewal of Virtual Kopitiam:

Subsequent renewal on the virtual Kopitiam will be RM5000. This is mainly for license renewal and website maintenance fee.